NatraCure Review

Weight Loss

Product Claims: Get rid of toxins and Lose weight (no numeric claims) Our Results: Subjects lost 1 pounds a week

Products Claims and Features:

  • 12 day free trial to try NatraCure
  • Receive free mp3 player
  • 21 day risk free membership to
  • 21 day risk free membership to

Pill Count

30 day supply per container


12 day free trial

Critic’s Review:

Does it actually work? Its a decent product but doesn’t help you lose weight. I know, ironic. As a colon cleanser it is quite a terrible product. Losing 1 pounds a week, that’s awful. With a 12 day free trial, free mp3 player and membership to 2 other sites, this is less about weight loss than free memberships.

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