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Medifast Review

Critic’s Review = 4.8/5 stars

Weight Loss:

Product Claims: Lose 2 to 5 pounds a week Lose up to 20 pounds a month Our Results: Subjects lost 4 pounds a week Lost on average 18 pounds a month

How it works: Medifast’s 5 &1 Plan

5 Medifast Meals Choose 5 Meals from over 60 different cuisines 1 Lean & Green Meal Lean meat plus salad and/or vegetables

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Product Features and Claims:

  • Lower in calories than the meals of other leading weight-loss plans.
  • Highest Fullness IndexTM of any leading weight-loss plan. In simple English, that means on Medifast you eat fewer calories without the gnawing discomfort that compels you to cheat.
  • You can connect with other Medifast users who have similar interests and goals, and share your discoveries, challenges, and victories, large and small, 24/7 through discussion boards, chat rooms, and blogs.
  • Best Weight Loss Delivery Service
  • Recommended by over 15,000 physicians and clinically proven by John Hopkins.

Critic’s Review

The results are in. Medifast works, and it was a satisfying and tasty journey. With consistent weight loss, fantastic food, and great support from a company dedicated to its customers, Medifast is a dieter’s dream. The plan is simple. Choose 5 meals from a great selection of foods and choose 1 Lean Meal, which gives you the daily dose of healthy foods. Then, it is sent to your door. Finally, eat. You begin to wonder if its possible to be any easier than that.

Critic’s Rating 4.8/5 Stars

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