High Intensity Intervalic Training (HIIT)

HIIT helps boost your calorie burning and is more effective than regular slow paced cardio training. Interval training is simply doing periods of high intensity exercise mixed with periods of low intensity exercise. For example, sprinting would be high intensity exercise, while walking would be low intensity exercise. If you are using a machine in a gym use the speed setting to increase intensity or to lower intensity. Shorter intervals are meant to be done at higher intensity than longer intervals. 1 minute interval – highest intensity 2 minute interval – moderate-high intensity 3 minute interval – moderate intensity Interval Example: Walk/Run treadmill interval 5 minute warm up – Treadmill speed 3.2 (walking speed) 1 minute interval – Treadmill speed 7.5 (running speed) 1 minute rest – Treadmill speed 3.5 (brisk walk) 2 minute interval – Treadmill speed 7.0 (moderate run speed) 2 minute rest – Treadmill speed 3.5 (brisk walk) 3 minute interval – Treadmill speed 6.5 (jogging speed) Complete 2 interval workouts per week. Each interval workout takes 27 minutes. Do you interval workouts on any day you wish. Combine them with full body weight workouts, or do them on your “off” days (when you are not lifting weights). Interval Exercise Choices: Bike (outside) Stationary Bike Treadmill Walk/jog/run Tip: For even better weight loss, do HIIT while taking Phentramin-d diet pill.

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