Full Body Workout

Never underestimate a Full Body Workout. Build muscle, strength and even burn fat in the process. Even experienced lifters can reap the benefits of switching to a Full Body workout. Benefits to performing full body workouts: Develops core Great recovery time No overtraining risks More muscle groups trained Flow of energy before/after workout undisturbed Increased muscle development Better body shape and attractiveness Prevents muscle imbalances Secondary cardiovascular benefits Appropriate for all levels of experience

Guidelines For An Effective Full Body Workout

10 Rules

Rule 1: Use only one exercise per muscle group.

This is critical for safety and muscle growth.

Rule 2: Use a different exercise for each muscle group with each workout.

If on Wednesday you performed incline bench presses for your chest, perform bench press on Friday. Your muscle definition will improve and create a more balanced and attractive quality.

Rule 3: No more than 3 sets of a specific workout (especially per muscle group)

The goal is max intensity and not max repetition. This will help with pushing your body’s endurance and allows for improved recovery times.

Rule 4: No machines

Unless, it cannot be performed with a specific machine. Free weights have the added benefit of having to keep balance which works your muscles in ways machines cannot.

Rule 5: Do not do a routine 2 days in a row

Your body needs at least 48 hours to recover and develop appropriately.

Rule 6: Choose compound exercises.

Use exercises that require multiple muscles like dips, presses, squats, etc., for maximum time and efficiency.

Rule 7: Use a weight that allows you to do 6 to 8 reps.

Strength and hypertrophy range for most efficient workouts.

Rule 8: Watch your eating before and after your workouts.

Full body workouts are intense and require extra energy to keep stay active. Have a pre-workout meal with protein and slow digesting, complex carbs. Have a fast digesting protein like whey and some simple carbs right after your workout to aid in recovery.

Rule 9: Between sets, less rest time

This is time efficiency and helps you keep up the intensity in your workouts. Do one set of bench-press and run over and do pull-ups with no rest in between. Working different muscle groups, while keeping the intensity, helps build endurance and improve your heart rate.

Rule 10: Change It Up

It’s not a bad idea every now and then to change up the order that you perform certain exercises. It keeps your body guessing and helps build muscle. You do not have to change the whole routine. Simple variations to basic full body workouts are enough for a sufficient challenge. Notes Reps should be at the 8 to 10 range. Slightly increase the weight week by week. Keep track of your progress. This is imperative for your improvement because you need to know how much weight you have lifted each day so that the next time you want to remember or increase the amount of weight you used you have it written down. For Sample Full Body Workouts >>> Trying to lose weight and get cut? Try Phentramin-d.

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