WeightCritic’s FAQ

How do I know which diet pills are right for me?

Here on WeightCritic we want to make sure that customer’s are getting the information they need to make right choices. We recommend products that we know will provide results. The thing to do is first determine what type of pill you want. There are colon cleansers, appetite suppressions, fat reducers, and many others. Reading through the reviews will help you understand more about the product. Here on WeightCritic we made it easy for the customer to understand each and every product with a simple format and easy to understand writing style.

Are there side-effects?

It depends on the pill. It also depends on the person. Usually, the pills we have rated high do not have side-effects because it is a big part of the review process to see the side-effects of the product. If you know you have many medical issues, please consult your doctor before trying a pill or supplement.

What is the difference between pills and supplements?

There is no fine line between pills and supplements. Usually supplements are not made to directly make the consumer lose weight but geared towards nutrition and general health. Pills are usually concentrated and powerful weight loss products.

Is acai berry a scam?

It is controversial. Unfortunately, much of the market hype is a scam, but acai berry itself is not. There are hundreds and hundred of different acai products, but we have made sure to pick only the ones that work. After that we still review them with our critical eyes, so no products gets any favors.

What are weight loss plans?

We have two on our site. eDiets and Medifast. They are both meal delivery plans that bring food right to home! You can choose which foods and diets you want to have deliver to you. The food they give you is made to make you lose weight and plus the food is actually quite good.

Why are diet pills so pricy?

Actually, the question is, how much would you pay for the perfect body? The real question is how badly do you want it. Who wants to be fat and lazy? Who wants to have a beer belly for the rest of their lives? Who wants that baby fat still on their body? However, there is also the economy. Therefore, here on WeightCritic we have worked hard to find the cheapest pill possible that still works safely and effectively. Check out our most effective and cheapest diet pill.

Do diet pills actually work?

Like we say time and time again. It depends on the pill. There are many pills that are just scams and will not work. In some cases it’ll make you gain weight or have terrible side-effects. We have taken the greatest care to determine the best products available on the web and chosen the best from the best. Check out our top diet pill phentramin-d.

I am not satisfied with my product, what should I do?

Please contact us with any grievances because customer feedback is very important here, but for many product concerns talking directly with the merchants is the best way of getting your questions answered.

What is colon cleansing?

We have a whole seperate FAQ on colon cleansing.

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