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Product Features and Claims

All of the Diets include a FREE fitness plan.eDiets alli Your online fitness plan is designed just for your fitness level and goals. This incudes workouts for your personalized level Also, a virtual trainer (video or 3-D Demos) Most importantly, online support from fitness experts.

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eDiet’s Featured Diet Plans

  • eDiets Weight Loss Diet
  • eDiets Meal Delivery Plan specifically designed for use with alli®
  • Seasonal Diet
  • Glycemic Diet™
  • Mediterranean Diet™
  • Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life™
  • Slim Fast Optima™ Diet

eDiet’s Special Deliver Plans

  • eDiet’s Deliciously Yours Delivery Plan
  • Alli

Critic’s Review

The amount of “weight loss diet plans” out there is overwhelming at times. How do you know which one works? How do you know that it works for you? eDiet provide you with nutritionists to determine the right plan for you. The product of focus is eDiet’s Deliciously Yours which has incredible benefits and special offers. With everything set for you to lose weight immediately and everything so easy, eDiet is a top choice.

Critic’s Rating 4.3/5 Stars

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