ColoPure Review

ColoPure is a Scam

Have you ever heard of rebilling? It is basically a scam. They say “free trial” and then one month later you have a charge of 66.95 on your credit card bill. Technically, they have the right to do it (everything in the order sheet is in fine print) because you are basically consenting to their agreement with you. However, they won’t tell you this up front of course. Still convinced to buy? Fear not because even though it is a rebilling offer, we have gone as far as even testing the product. ColoPure Results Subjects lost an average of 1 pound per week The Skinny: ColoPure is a Scam Not only is it a rebill offer, it doesn’t even work! Its one thing if you’re willing to cough up some money, but its another if the product doesn’t even work. Looking for something that actually works? This comparison chart shows Phentramin-d as the leading weight loss available today. To find out more information, take a look at our Phentramin-d Review.

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