How do the products work?

Colon cleansing

Preparation. Usually none is needed. For some colon cleanse products, you don’t need excessive preparation or unneeded burdens. All you need is a product. We recommend bromalite. Some warnings. Stop the use of medication during the period of cleansing. This is for obvious medical issues. Any vitamins and other nutritional supplements should be discontinued during the process also.
  • If you are not taking the supplements but are taking other colon cleansing products read below. However, if this is a continuation of a larger detox diet plan, there are a couple of recommendations.
  • If you ARE on a detox diet (or any kind of diet) you should not be consuming junk food, chocolate, candy, coffee, processed food, or any unhealthy things.
  • There are many forms of the detox. Many choose an almost “vegan” diet with vegetable protein (buy at your nearest Whole Foods). But couple this with yoga and you’ve got quite a combination.
  • Of course, plenty of water. This is before, after, and during the whole cleansing. Actually, always drink a lot of water. Many detox diets require fasting. However, always drink water. Fruits and vegetables (such as shakes) are very helpful.

The Cleanse.

The cleanse itself can vary from simple to complex, healthy to harmful, and easy to stressful. Products such as Dr. Natura are extremely time-consuming and stressful. Many colon cleansing products require disgusting mixes and an excessive amount of shakes. Many “home-made” shakes can be potentially harmful, and unhealthy fasts and detox diets can cause many problems. I like to leave it to the professionals to do the work for me. Welcome to the future. The supplement that gently cleanses the colon and has the same beneficial effects as other colon cleansing programs. Simple, easy, and healthy.


  • Always. ALWAYS look at the products for natural ingredients.
  • A product that does way too much is usually a bad sign.
  • Doing an immense cleanse can do more harm than good to your overall health.
  • Intense detox programs are why many doctors disapprove of colon cleansing.
  • The number of bowel movements is not important, but if you’re only doing 1 to 2 bowel movements a week… that’s not good at all.
  • Drink PLENTY of water.
  • Fiber shakes are pretty disgusting. Why go through all the pain when you can just take a pill?

After the cleanse.

This marks the beginning of your new lifestyle. Use the momentum to propel you throughout the rest of your life. Come back to the cleanse to keep your colon in top shape. This will help maximize your diet and health. Tip: Check out our hottest colon cleanser bromalite.

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