How to Lose Weight

10 Step Quick-Start Guide

Step 1 Go through your kitchen and get rid of the snacks, chips, white bread, white rice, sugary foods, and unnatural juices. In short, anything that’s processed has gotta go.

Step 2 Up your water intake to roughly one gallon per day. Yep, you’ll have to go to the bathroom A LOT at the beginning but don’t worry about it because most people live in a state of dehydration.

Step 3 Immediately switch your cardiovascular work to a shorter, more aggressive type. If you are jogging for 45 minutes per day, switch to high intensity anaerobic interval (HIIT) training. Don’t KILL yourself, but work yourself up to sprinting. The whole goal is to get your cardio in quickly and at a higher intensity. Read the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Article.

Step 4 Switch your workouts over to full or split body workouts using compound exercises only. No curls or triceps extensions. Work in the 6-8 rep range for maximum benefits with a weight that causes failure in that range. That goes for you too ladies! In the beginning, only go for 3-4 higher intensity workouts per week, every other day if possible. Due to the higher intensity, you’ll want to guard against overtraining. However, don’t just sit around on the “rest” days. Play a sport. Be active.

Tip: Read the Full Body Workout article.

Step 5 Take a walk. Do something outside. You get the idea.

Step 6 Stack your workouts with your weight training first, then your interval training.

Step 7 Make sure to figure out your estimated daily caloric intake and split your meals up accordingly. You’ll only really have to do this one time. Afterward, you’ll have a great idea of where you are.

Step 8 Read the reviews. Choose a diet pill or supplement for more weight loss.

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Step 9 Create at least one SOLID goal with a deadline and put it on your index card and your post it note. The post it note goes on your bathroom mirror. The index card in your pocket.

Step 10 Take your diet pills regularly.

That’s it. A simple Quick-Start punch list. Go ahead and put these into action and you’ll be seeing results VERY soon. That I promise.

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